Population sizes of counties mapped as letters

population of counties in letters -- without words

08:48 pm | In the 2011 census, the Greater Dublin Area (Meath, Kildare and Wicklow) now accounts for 40% of the population of Ireland, while…

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How many people were at the household charge protest?


01:46 pm | Estimating  the size of the crowd at protests can be a pain the head. However, things get vastly easier if the…

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COMMENT: Dangerously controversial 30km/h limits


09:56 pm | “30kph limit for rush hour cars on Long Mile” cried the Evening Herald’s headline yesterday. Why is the zone only for certain times of the…

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COMMENT: Helmets are a distraction to safer cycling

Cycling in Dublin

01:44 am | What’s the difference between the first cyclist and the last two in this video? Helmets? High-vis? No. Firstly, the second…

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