Transport authority hopes for open access to bus data

A limited online test map of real-time information

The National Transport Authority is hoping to make real-time bus information accessible to web and software developers, but it says its priority is to get the public system up and running.

“We are hoping to do this, and are looking at it.  However, right now our priorities are getting the system fully rolled out in Dublin, online and the text-service, and then in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford,” said Sara Morris of the National Transport Authority (NTA).

Software developers, however, have noted that Dublin Bus have previously been resistant to releasing data for open use. Dublin Bus did not respond to a request for comment.

It is understood that releasing the data stream of live bus information to developers would be cost effective and would lead to live timetable applications quickly being made for iPhones and other mobiles phones.

In 2009, JC Decaux controversially ordered Dublin-based developer Fusio to remove a free Dublin Bikes iPhone applications from Apple’s webstore. The software allows users to find available Dublin Bike stands and bikes, but Jcdecaux threatened the software company with legal action and Fusio said they had no choice but to remove it.

The NTA expects to release its own online and text bus tracking once the system of screens is rolled in Dublin. But allowing developers to access the data would speed up the process and allow developers to make user-friendly web and phone applications with no cost to the State.

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