DATA BLOG: Fingal continues its open data project

We don’t usually publish press releases on the Data Blog, but here’s a positive data related one which shows Fingal County Council has not lost interest in their Fingal Open Data project launched last year.

Their open data portal is at and here’s the release:

Fingal First With Open Data Website

The Fingal Open Data Website is the first of its kind in the country and releases data relating to Fingal to be freely used by the wider community.  Initiated by Fingal County Council, the release of this data provides the basis for new commercial opportunities in the areas of online services, mobile applications and analytics, as well as enabling better and smarter decision making and improved transparency.

Dominic Byrne, Assistant Head of IT at Fingal County Council explains ‘Open Data is a worldwide movement encouraging government and state bodies to make official data freely available to the public in a format which can be used by software designers and applications developers. Open Data aims to make government more open and transparent and in turn encourage increased citizen participation, and is based on the principles of Freedom of Information and the Reuse of Public Sector Information.  There are some great examples such as Melbourne Integrated Public Transport Mobile App, and the augmented reality based tour guide for the City of Ottawa.”

He continues “From the data Fingal County Council has published to date, a range of potential applications could be built, such as ‘Locate My Polling Station’, ‘Which Shops Sell Bin Tags’ and ‘Show Disabled Parking Spaces’.  These are just some examples, by releasing our data, we hope applications developers will identify many more useful apps and go on to create them.’

One of the goals of open data is to improve access to government data and to expand the creative use of the data outside of government by encouraging innovative ideas

This data will be of use to journalists, software developers, designers, librarians, statisticians and anybody with creative and innovative ideas for re-use.

Further information on Fingal Open Data may be found at and at


Notes for Editors

  1. The Fingal Data Hub was launched in 2009, and allows data sharing in relations to Fingal between 9 partner agencies.  In 2010 all data was made publicly available, with a ‘Fair Use Data Sharing Protocol’.

  1. Open Data is Public Sector Data which is published in open formats and is accessible and readily available to all.  This allows reuse in new and unforeseen ways and allows new business opportunities to reuse public sector data for online services, mobile applications, analytics etc.  Open Data improves transparency and increases citizen engagement and participation.
  1. Fingal Open Data website includes:
    1. 70 datasets
    2. Utilises Irish Government PSI licence
    3. 12 Data categories
    4. Arts, Culture & Heritage; Citizen Participation; Demographics; Economy; Education; Environment; Housing; Public Health; Recreation; Technology; Transportation & Infrastructure; Zoning & Land Use

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