Dublin Bus fares to increase despite service cuts

Customers of Dublin Bus who are already facing service cuts are now going to be asked to pay more.

Cash fares for adults are to increase from this Sunday after the National Transport Authority (NTA) approved the changes.

It follows recent increases in pre-paid tickets, which Dublin Bus have full control over.

Cash fares will go up by between 2.8% to 4.5% depending on how many stages a user travels per journey.

The authority however did not give Dublin Bus the full increases it wanted. The NTA said that it does not consider that the level of fare increases the company looked for is appropriate in the current climate of falling living standards. See the table below of requested and granted increases.

The authority also rejected Dublin Bus’s plans to increase child fares, which will now remain the same.

The NTA only referred to increasing “efficiency” and did not mention the cuts to the Dublin Bus network. It said the context of the increase included a subvention decrease from the taxpayer of 10% in last year’s budget, but made no reference to the 100 buses already removed from the network which the company directly linked to the subvention cut.

It said: “The authority considers that the approved fare increases strike the appropriate balance between a contribution on the part of the operator in continuing to increase efficiency, through the Network Direct project, and the levying of a fares increase on passengers. Both elements contribute towards maintaining the integrity of the network of public bus services, which is vital for the continued social, economic and environmental health of the Greater Dublin Area.”

Although the authority has no control over smartcard pre-paid ticket prices, it also had no objections to Dublin Bus increasing the cost of these.

When Dublin Bus increased the price of pre-paid tickets late last year, the NTA told Dublin Observer: “The Public Service Contract does not require NTA permission for changes to discounted fares (which these were). However, they did notify us in advance of the changes and we had no objection. The public was informed in advance too.”

READ MORE: NTA Consideration of Dublin Bus Fare Increase Application (PDF)

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