DATA BLOG: Dublin Bikes subscriber numbers released

Dublin City Council and JCDecaux previously acted secretively on subscriber numbers, even at the same time as announcing the expected one millionth journey. But now subscriber details by month have been released.

The following data and documents were released to Dublin Observer under Access to Information on the Environment (Freedom of Information’s greener and cheaper brother).

The release included details of Dublin Bike subscriber numbers, contract schedules between JCDecaux and the council for Dublin Bikes and the wayfinding system, locations of advert panels, and locations of old advertisement billboards which were to be removed as part of the deal allowing on-street advertising.

Dublin Bike subscribers by month

LINK: Data and larger, interactive graphs

Cumulative increases by month:

Actual increases each month:


Including revisions…

LINK: CONTRACT Final Schedule 2 Nov 2006

LINK: Revised Schedule 2007

LINK: Revised Schedule Feb 2010

Report on Bike Scheme Council Meeting on May 2010

Includes locations of advertisements from the second part of Dublin Bikes:

LINK: Report on Bike Scheme to May 2010 Council Meeting

Advertisement locations

Ad locations, relocations, and locations of where old ad billboards were remov:

LINK: AIE Cian Ginty October 2010

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