City councillors paid over €3m in two years

Dublin City Hall where councillors meet - photo by infomatique

Councillor’s payments and expenses totalled over €3m in two years for Dublin City Council, the largest of the three Dublin councils.

Payments to Dublin City councillors cost the city €1.4m in 2008 and €1.6m in 2009. On top of councillors’ normal pay, or ‘Representational Payment’, other expenses accounted for 42% of payments in 2008 and 45% in 2009.

Dublin Observer is — as part of a wider process — uploading details of councillors’ expenses released under Freedom of Information earlier this year but were not fully published.

Domestic and international travel costs for councillors in the two years totalled €187,053. An ‘end of service gratuity’ totalling €141,378 was split between six outgoing councillors in 2009.

Although not all councillors claimed, telephone refunds came to €27,092, while broadband refunds came to €22,092.

Details of payments to each councillor are below:

Expenses 2008 spreadsheet

Expenses 2009 spreadsheet

Payments 2008 & 2009 spreadsheet

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