Council warns users to conserve water

Dublin’s main water supplier is advising people to conserve water, the warning comes two weeks after the four Dublin councils said that water shortages are a possibility if conservation is not stepped up.

Dublin City Council, which runs three of four of the main Dublin water treatment plants, said the region’s largest raw water storage reservoir at Poulaphouca is currently at 120 days full as opposed to 200 days when completely full.

“There is a limit to the amount of raw water that can be treated at Dublin’s four water treatment plants each day and Dublin’s water supply operates to very fine margins, as demand often matches or exceeds supply,” said John Tierney, Dublin City Manager.

He added: “Dubliners should use water sparingly and wisely right throughout the year and not just during the dry summer weather, because it is a limited resource and a very valuable one.”

The council said storage of raw water in the region is falling but has not as of yet reached a level that would warrant the introduction of restrictions on supply.

Although Tierney noted that we drink only a small percentage that we use, the average demand for drinking water is 540 million litres a day when the four water treatment plants were only designed to supply 518 million litres a day.

The Dublin region water supply serves an estimated 1.4 million people, including 576,000 households and 45,000 non-domestic users. Dublin City Council said leakage in the region is down from 43% in 1994 to 29% in 2009.

Tips on reducing water use can be found at

IMAGE: Photo by N Lozito, some rights reserved.

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