Bin collection changes for South Dublin

South Dublin County Counil (SDCC) have announced changes to the waste collection scheme in South Dublin which see the charges for bin collection increase and black and brown bins move from weekly to fortnightly collection.

The charge for collection of a black bin (for general waste) is to increase from €8 to €10.50, while the charge for collection of a brown bin (for food and garden waste) is to rise from €4 to €5.25. Collection of green bins (for recyclables) is to remain free of charge.

Labour councillor on SDCC Dermot Looney was critical of the increase in charges: “For a large family who need to leave out a black bin and a brown bin every two weeks, this represents an increase of €97.50, from €312 per annum to €409.50,” says Looney, “as well as the economic cost to local people, there is evidence to show an environmental impact to such decisions, with fly-tipping and dumping set to rise.”

SDCC Director of Services and Deputy County Manager Philomena Poole says that the new rates may actually save people money if they are more strategic with their waste: “With the additional separation of waste through the brown bin, customers may well be able to save themselves money as they will be putting out their black bin less often.”

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  1. Interestingly we have our brown bin for all of a month at this point before the charges go up. Already have our own compost bin so this keeps the brown bin waste down.

    The every second week on the black bin will be an occasional issue – bank holiday – our bin collection is monday. If I miss a week and its a bank holiday I would have to wait 4 weeks between black bin collections…

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