Zombie mob set for invasion of Dublin

This Saturday sees Dublin ‘invaded’ by a Zombie horde- but all for two very good causes.

The inaugural Dublin Zombie Walk leaves St.Stephen’s Green at 2pm on Saturday and aims to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society and the RNLI Lifeboats.

Organiser Eamonn Dee spoke to DublinObserver.com:

What inspired you to plan a Zombie Walk for Dublin? Has this been done before?

There is a lot of interest in zombies and there are a few hardcore fans out there, me being one of them.  I suppose my inspiration came from all the hype surrounding new zombie movies, like Zombieland.  I started up the facebook group hoping to get a few friends together who were willing to dress up as zombies in the city centre.  I soon noticed, however, that there was massive interest in the idea.  In collaboration with another die-hard fan, Pauline Swaine, we set about making this the Biggest Zombie Walk Ever.  There have been a few Zombie Walks in the capital, but nothing of the magnitude we have planned for Saturday the 26th June.

What do you hope to achieve? Is there a figure for the amount of money you hope to raise?

I don’t have a figure in my head as to the amount of money but we are hoping it will be a significant amount as the charities are both very deserving causes that are close to our hearts. Judging from the response we have been getting so far I am positive that Dublin Zombie Walk 2010 will raise plenty of cash for our chosen charities.  The objective is to have some fun, do something out of the ordinary on a Saturday afternoon and collect money in the process.  One million euro perhaps?

How do you think people on the street will react? Will the ‘shock factor’ work and boost the amount of money you raised?

I am sure there will be a certain amount of astonishment in the streets of Dublin on the 26th.  It’s not a normal everyday experience to see hundreds of flesh hungry zombies shuffling towards you, buckets in hand.  The people of Dublin are generous souls and I am sure that this Saturday will be no exception.  If hundreds of undead Zombies don’t give people an added incentive to donate I am not sure what will.

Do you plan to make this an annual event?

We are planning to make this event annual and to make it even bigger in future years.  The plan is to incorporate the Zombie Walk into a whole weekend event which will involve movie screenings and live music for all lovers of blood, guts and gore.

How much preparation will go in the making the participants look and behave like zombies?

On the day we will have a team of talented make up people on hand to make sure all participants who need to be Zombified are.   A lot of people have been busy sorting out costumes’, latex make up and practicing their vacant stares in the mirror so many Zombies will turn up all ready to rock.

Our stewards will ensure that everyone behaves according to the Zombie code and keep to the planned route.  A lot of preparation has been done so far and on the day it will take the organisational talent of the one and only Pauline to ensure that everyone knows their roles and gets into Zombie mode.

IMAGE: Photo of the 2009 Paris Zombie Walk by Philip LeRoyer on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

DublinObserver.com will have a series of photos from the Dublin Zombie Walk on the website on Saturday evening.

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8 Comments for “Zombie mob set for invasion of Dublin”

  1. Behave according to the zombie code O.O wow alot of people are gonna get eaten!!!!!! Should of done a mass show right down grafton street zombies vs survivors lol 1000 + people running away scared would be funny as hell 😛 gl with the walk and see ya there :D:D

  2. Keep away from the Dail (especially the Greens) and Banks – we have a Zoombie country run by Zoombies

  3. more nonsense with the zombies….more juvenile escapism from the ‘plastic’ republic……..its not wonder the British left Ireland……

  4. how come i didnt get an invite???? this is crazy cool lol 😀

  5. @ Donna T “its no wonder the British left Ireland”….

    The British were ran out of Ireland, do your homework : D

    On topic

    Its for a good cause, what could you possibly see wrong with charity work?

  6. @donna t
    well thats what weve come to expect.more put each other down.any event that will raise badly needed money for our cash strapped charitys can only be a good thing.as for the british leaving ireland!!!! where did you go to school.obviously it didnt teach history.remember 1916? war of independence ring a bell? probobly not or you wouldnt have left such an ignorant childish post.go back to school and learn your history,and some manners while your at it!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. holy cow ! I missed it! bet it was fun?

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