50 jobs at Blackrock-based tech firm

Irish technology company Weedle said today it plans to create 50 jobs in Blackrock, Dublin.

Although, it is unclear exactly how secure the the creation of the 50 jobs will be, or if these jobs will be created at all. Weedle, however, says the figure of 50 is a conservative estimate of what the company needs to grow.

The company said on Twitter: “We plan to grow the platform over the next 3 years to tens of millions of users globally… the 50 [jobs] is a conservative estimate of the level of resources required to support that volume of growth.”

Weedle is a skills networking site, a modern mix of CV and portfolio. It allows people to find others with the skills they need.

The company says thousands of people from over 50 countries currently use the site, including artists, accountants, architects, beauticians, carpenters, copywriters, doctors, designers, electricians, photographers, vets and others.

The jobs at Weedle are planned to be created over the next three years, these will be centred on the development of web applications. The company is supported by Enterprise Ireland.

“Weedle typifies the strong capacity of indigenous Irish firms to innovate in niche markets with high-potential online platforms that can spur the next generation of global internet brand-leaders,” said Batt O’Keeffe, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, in a statement today.

Weedle’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Iain MacDonald added: “In Ireland, the US and globally, there is a wealth of highly skilled people with great expertise. But despite there being significant demand from people who need these skills and expertise, there is no free large-scale simple way to match people with skills to those who need them. At Weedle, we are using the power of the internet and the trusted communities aspect of social media to make searching and connecting easier and to generate increased demand for skills and expertise worldwide.”

UPDATED 10pm, June 22, 2010: The second and third paragraphs were inserted and other minor edits were made when it became clear the the jobs announced were not fully secured.

IMAGE: Weedle

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